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Adding repeating pages

Pages can be configured to repeat the set of questions within the page as many times as the end user needs to enter all the required information.

This is useful when you need to collect multiple items of data from the user, but have more questions or complex requirements than can be met using a repeating section refer Repeating sections (manual) for more information.

When a page is configured as repeating, Add and Remove buttons allow the user to add new ‘records’ as required. Each record added creates a new sub-page represented in the progress bar on the left of the screen, indented below the parent page.


The related content in the generated document grows with the number of records added by the user in Produce. Each record could be used to populate a single table row, paragraphs, entire pages, or documents.

How to add a repeating page

  1. Create a page (refer to Page layout type).
  2. On the Properties tab, choose a Repeating option.
  1. Choose the repeating option. The Placeholder option will repeat content within a single document. For example, populate a table, whereas the Document option will generate an entire document for each record.

  2. Where the Placeholder option has been selected use the ‘…’ button to select repeat Placeholder(s). Follow Repeat bookmark tips to find out how to create a repeat bookmark.

  1. Use the Repeat Title property to specify a name for the page. This will be displayed to the end user in Produce as they add more records, and can contain a formula to dynamically build an individualized page name.

  2. Use the Maximum property to set for the amount of repeating page by simply assigning an integer number to ‘Maximum’ property. when the Repeating Page record will reach that maximum value, the Add button will disappear and the user will not be able to add more pages.

  1. Add appropriate question types to the page and save the project.