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Temporary User In Progress Save


Interface Feature Availability

Temporary user available using Produce web interface only.

Temporary users (sometimes referred to as Guest or Anonymous) are able to save and resume forms at their leisure.

When a temporary user saves a form, a dialog will appear with a custom message and access code. The access code and URL can be emailed to the recipient. Clicking the project link will detect that a temporary user has used this form and will redirect to the access code login page. Once the user enters their access code they will be granted access to the form.

Lock out: If user lock out has been enabled in the security settings, when a user enters an incorrect access code, the access code will not work during the lock out period.

How to Configure Temporary User Save



  • "Guest User" account in Manage needs to be enabled
    • SMTP needs to be configured in <<
      as the Access Code to save/resume in progress forms will be emailed to Temporary users
  1. Open your project in Design, click on the top right corner for "Project Properties"

  1. Enable Temporary User Save, select one of the options for Access Code Generation (described in the table below).

  1. Complete the rest of the fields as described in the table below

  1. Access Code Generation

Access Code Help Text Available Types:
None: Temporary User Save feature off
[AutoGenerated]: SmartIQ will generate a 6 character long access code to relaunch the form
* Question Reference: Set up your own access code. Note that if an access code is not unique it will fail.

  1. Access Code Help Text

This is used by the save dialog to display a message to the user

  1. Recipient Name

This will be inserted into the address book under FullName. Can be accessed with [AssigneeFullName]

  1. Recipient Email

This is the email address used to notify the user

  1. Email Subject

Subject line of the email

  1. Email Body

This field accepts a new constant [AccessCode] which will be replaced by the user’s access code. In addition "FlagAsTempUser" should be added to the "ProjectLink" constant so that temp users are not redirected to the Produce login page after their access expires.
Hello [AssigneeFullName], you can resume your form [ProjectLink|FlagAsTempUser] with the following access code [AccessCode]. Here is the comment: [Comments].

  1. Resume Button Text

A button will appear on the page navigation with the customised text. This button will only appear for a guest user which allows them to resume their form with an access code and an email.

  1. Reassign Button Text

A button will appear on the page navigation with the customised text. Allows a form to be assigned to a temporary user. See article 'Temporary User Reassign'.
  1. Click OK. Save project.

  2. Navigate to Produce as Guest user and click on the form. When you hit "Save" on the "In-progress" form, the following pop-up will appear with the code:

And an email will be sent to the desired email address.

  1. Clicking on the form link from the email, will redirect the Guest user to Temporary user login page. This will require the temporary user to enter the Access Code received in the email.

  1. Once logged in with the Access Code, the temporary user can then continue with the in-progress form.

Resume Form with Temporary Users

An alternative way of using the temporary user is to resume in-progress form.

Saving an in-progress form generates an access code which is email to the recipient. This access code can be re-used at a later stage to resume the form where it was left.

How to Enable Resume Button for Temporary Users

The resume button can be enabled through Project Properties as below:

A customized "Resume Button" text will appear on the page navigation in the wizard for a guest user.

Clicking the resume button on the form in Produce will redirect user to the temporary user login page which will request for Access Code and Email to resume form.

Temporary user can provide the Access Code and Email received upon saving the in progress form to resume this form at the same stage.