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Antivirus Scanning for File Uploads

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ClamAV provides the service that scans for malware threats when uploading to SmartIQ.


Note: This feature is always enabled for SmartIQ Pure Cloud environments.

It scans the following:

  • User-uploaded files in Produce and/or Manage
  • Attachment uploads or API imports of Content Library items
  • Incoming attachments from mobile apps

Uploading a file into SmartIQ Manage or Produce triggers a scan. If the system detects a virus or a threat, an error message will be displayed and the request cancelled.


For on-premise environments you must have a working instance of ClamAV. Once you have that configured, enable this feature by updating the AppSettings section of the apssettings.json file as follows:

"AppSettings": {
  "ClamAV": {
          "MaxStreamSize": "26214400",
          "MaxChunkSize": "131072",
          "ServerPort": "3310",
          "ServerAddress": "localhost"
  • MaxStreamSize – (Optional) Maximum size of an upload. Default is 25MB in bytes.
  • MaxChunkSize – (Optional) Maximum size of a single chunk. Default is 122KB in bytes.
  • ServerPort – (Optional) ClamAV service port. Default is 3310.
  • ServerAddress – (Required) Clam service location. Use the value "localhost" for local scanning, .


Note: Always restart the application pool anytime a change has been made to these settings.