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SMTP Configuration

Configure the SMTP settings from the Manage dashboard.

  1. Go to Manage > Settings > SMTP.

  2. Enable the Custom SMTP Server option.

  3. Provide the SMTP Host name and Port.

  4. (Optional) Enable TSL (Transport Layer Security) for more secure connection which can work with the TLS and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption protocols.

  5. Select Authentication Type, either SMTP Auth or OAuth 2.0:

    • SMTP Auth – Authentication protocol where you need to provide the user name and password.
    • OAuth 2.0 – Authorization protocol where you need to provide the following (currently only Password Flow is supported):
      • Client ID – The client ID you received when you first created the application.
      • Client Secret – The client secret you received when you first created the application. The client secret MUST be kept confidential.
      • Scope – The values indicating which parts of the user's account to access. The values and structure of the scope value need to be compliant with the provider's requirements.
      • Token URL – Indicates the URI to return the user to after authorization is complete.
      • User name and;
      • Password
  6. Click Save.


Password Flow

An example of how to setup Password Flow for Azure AD can be found here: Azure Oauth 2.0 Password Flow. You should use the appropriate documentation for your particular SMTP server.



If you are using SendGrid, use the API Key method to send SMTP where the username will be "apikey" and the password will be the generated API Key from SendGrid.