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Constant Values

When sending emails to users (usually the assignee of a Workflow task), SmartIQ replaces a number of pre-defined values with corresponding information which it might otherwise be difficult or tedious for the designer to obtain. A non-exhaustive list follows:


Replaced with


User comments on workflow submit


Published name of project


Name of workflow state


Full name of assigned user


First name of assigned user


Surname of assigned user


Full name of requester


First name of requester


Surname of requester


Full name of sender


First name of sender


Surname of sender


Full name of receiver


First name of receiver


Surname of receiver


Temporary user access code for the assigned temporary user


URL to a zip file containing the documents which were generated by the submission


HTML hyperlink to the in progress workflow.


  • Parts of the link can be adjusted, refer to [ProjectLink].
  • Where possible, the project link will attempt to link directly to the point of the form in context. For example, if the email is a notification about a comment on a particular page, the link will take you straight there.


Similar to project link but returns the raw URL only. Usually so that it can be rendered in a paricular way by the designer.


Unique identifier of the workflow task


Refer to Email Approval for details.


Where the notification is in the context of a question, for example, a comment notification, the question text of the item in context will be rendered.


Parts of the resulting Project Link can be overridden with:

These are passed as a pipe-separated list of key-values:
[ProjectLink|LinkUrl=https://google.com|LinkText=This is a link to google]
The above example will result in a link like:
<a href="https://google.com">This is a link to google</a>

If a ProduceUrl is supplied, other values will be appended to it to construct the URL as if the supplied value were the Produce URL of the system.

The positions of the placeholders in the formatted link are as follows.

If LinkText is not supplied:
<a href="LinkUrl">ProjectName - StateName</a>

If LinkText is supplied and is not empty:
<a href="LinkUrl">LinkText</a>

If LinkText is supplied as empty: