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Finish Page Properties

Finish Page PropertiesFinish Page Properties

Finish Page Properties



Finish Page Title

Defines the name of the Finish page - this will appear both in the navigation pane on the left and at the top of the Finish Page itself. Supports question references.


This is unchecked by default. Uncheck this property to ensure that no Finish page appears in Produce at all. It will not be in the navigation pane and the Generate Button will appear on the last Page of your Project. The default properties of a generation will be used - ie an Answer File will not be created and the default name for the Document will be used.

Allow edit of Answer File Name

Provides the option to edit the answer file name on the Finish page for a project.

If the Finish page is visible but the option to edit is unchecked, the Finish page will show a label of the answer file name instead.

Save Answers

Provides the option for the user to save answers as a file for reuse later.

Options are:

  • Default to Yes

  • Default to No If the Finish page is not visible but the Save Answers is set to Yes, the answers would be saved automatically, except for the following instances:

  • If part of a workflow step

  • If the Allow Save or Keep Form History options are disabled in Manage

  • Guest users

Submit Button Text

Defines the wording to be used on the Generate Button, the button that is clicked at the end of the Project to generate the document/submit answers. Supports question references.

Button Position

Options are:

  • Both
  • Bottom Middle
  • Top Right

Invalid Project Text

The message that appears if there are validation errors in the Project, such as a Mandatory Question not being answered. [ErrorPage] can be used and will be replaced with the name of the offending Page.

Submitting Text

The text that will appear on the generating screen, while the project is processed after clicking the button. This supports question references.

Allow Document Download

This is checked by default. If this property is checked, then links to download generated Documents will be available once project generation is complete. If you don't wish to allow users to download the generated documents, uncheck this property. It is not available for Form Projects.

Download Page Title

The title of the page that appears after generation, on which generated Documents can be downloaded. Supports question references.

Redirect on Finish

Available options:

  • (None) : This is the default option. The user will remain in Finish page after submission.
  • Home: The user will be redirected to produce home page after submission.
  • Redirect to Project: Selecting this option will open other two lists of publishing folders and projects within each folder. The user will be redirected to the selected project after submission.
  • Redirect to Url: Go to web page after project submission.

Redirect on Finish

Following options are available to redirect:

Redirect to Home

A checkbox is available labelled "Wait for project to finish processing before redirect". If this box is checked, a submission and data object synchronization will take place before the user is redirected to the home page. If the box is not checked, the redirect happens immediately and the project submission will happen in the background.

Redirect to Project

Allows to select published project to be redirected to. Note that an additional option Include Project Properties is displayed, allowing to specify project property values.

Redirect to Url

Allows to specify to which URL the project will be redirected. Note that this can be a reference or hard coded value.

All options have Online Message on Redirect property.

Redirect on FinishRedirect on Finish

Redirect on Finish

Restrict Downloadable Documents

By selecting the checkbox Restrict Downloadable documents new option will be available to allow/restrict documents. By default no documents are restricted.

Saved Answer Files

The Finish page always contains the option for the user to save their responses as an answer file for reuse later. A new copy of the same project can be populated with the answers from a saved answer file.

Answer files saved at Finish are kept permanently but can be deleted by the user or from the API.


Best Practice

Saved answer files are only useful for a user to repopulate the same version of a project when they are completing it a second time. Using saved answer files on projects that have been modified (different questions, new questions, different conditions etc) can cause unexpected results and may cause the new project to not load.

Where users' data needs to be stored and re-used later, SmartIQ offers a range of options for storage outside the SmartIQ server including the use of external datasources, connectors to storage platforms such as Salesforce or Dynamics, REST based platforms and Amazon and Azure storage.

For Prepare Form and Generate Form APIs best practice is to pass data either using individual values in the values object or supplied data in the data object.