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Design - Left Menu Items

SmartIQ Design Left Navigation Overview

The Toolbar provides several shortcuts that can aid navigation around sometimes complex projects. These tools provide options to modify the SmartIQ Design View, Cut, Copy and Paste, Delete and Expand and Collapse the tree view.


Tree View hides the Preview window to provide an expanded view of the layout and question elements of the project.

Preview hides the Tree to provide an expanded view of the Preview window.

Tree View and Preview is the default options and combines both the Tree and Preview windows.

Cut, Copy & Paste

Cut, Copy & Paste can be used to quickly duplicate or move layout or question elements in your projects.

When you select Cut or Copy, the Paste option will appear.

Alternatively, standard shortcuts can be used.

Windows and Linux

  • Copy - CTRL+C
  • Cut - CTRL+X
  • Paste - CTRL+V

Mac OS

  • Copy - CMD+C
  • Cut - CMD+X
  • Paste - CMD+V


Deletes layout or question elements from the project.


Highlights the current element in the Design preview panel.

Expand & Collapse

Projects with large numbers of pages and questions can become cumbersome to navigate. Expand All and Collapse All can be utilized to quickly move through the various questions within your project.

Collapsed view

Collapsed view

Expanded view

Expanded view