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Display Message Action


The Display Message action grants designers the ability to deliver output messages to the end user after document generation


Font Bold (True|False)Accepts a true or false value to make the message font Bold.
Font ColorSetting this attribute will assign a color to the message.
Font Italic (True|False)Accepts a true or false value to make the message font Italic.
Font NameDefault font is Courier New. Setting this attribute will assign a new font type to the message.
Font SizeDefault font size is 100pt. Setting this attribute will configure the size of the font of the message.
HeadingSetting this attribute will create a heading to supplement the message.



Only Message is mandatory. Any text inserted into this attribute is displayed as the message to the user at the end of the document generation process. The message can include supported HTML.


  1. Add an Action to the Finish Page
  2. Select the Display Message action from the Type drop-down menu and click OK
  3. The Display Message action will now be added to the Finish page of your project
  1. Select the Display Message action on the finish page
  2. Ensure that the Properties tab is selected
  3. Under the Action Attribute section, select an Attribute to assign a value to.
  4. After selecting an Attribute, select a Type
  5. Each Attribute must be added one at a time by selecting the Attribute, selecting a Type and selecting a corresponding Fixed Value and then clicking the Add button
  6. The properties tab should resemble below
  1. Conditions may also be set on the Display Message action through the Conditions tab (refer to Defining Conditions article)

  2. When the project is generated, the output screen should resemble below