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DocuSign Event


The DocuSign event allows data to be collected in a SmartIQ form/PDF document and sent to DocuSign for signatures.

The External State is the state wherein SmartIQ waits for the signature process to complete and DocuSign sends the result back to SmartIQ so the workflow can be continued or finalized. The process relies on Cloud to Cloud (C2I) integration between the two platforms.

DocuSign Integration

The individual workflow states and components are configured on the SmartIQ Design workflow canvas. A basic DocuSign integration requires the following components:

  • A Start state for collecting data to generate a PDF document.
  • A DocuSign Create Envelope action that passes the generated PDF payload to DocuSign (automatically added when a transition is created to the external state).
  • A DocuSign Event where the SmartIQ workflow will wait while the DocuSign Signature Process takes place and continue the workflow once the result is received from DocuSign.

Additionally, when a workflow transition is moving to a DocuSign External State, the Action responsible for creating the DocuSign Envelope will ensure that the “envelopeId” is coupled with the workflow and wait for the DocuSign response.

Setup and Prerequisites

To set up SmartIQ and DocuSign C2I integration:

DocuSign Service Account

Create a SmartIQ user account that will be used exclusively by DocuSign. Ensure that this account has the correct permissions to access forms adding it to the appropriate SmartIQ groups and that Impersonate Users permission is enabled to enable preparing forms on behalf other users.

  1. Go to Manage > Roles > New Role and create a new DocuSign role.
    • Role Name: DocuSign
    • Permission: Impersonate Users

  1. Click Save.
  2. Go to Manage > Users > New User and create a new DocuSign user. For example, Docusign Service User.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click Security and select the relevant Groups to ensure the service account has access to all relevant forms and that the new docusign role is selected.
  5. Click Save.

Enable DocuSign Connect

Set up DocuSign Connect to send real-time updates to SmartIQ via webhooks with the following configuration:

Custom ConfigurationSetting
URL to Publish<https://{{yourServer}}/Produce/Webhooks/DocuSign>
Trigger Eventsenvelope-completed
Include Basic Authentication HeaderDocuSign service account name and password


  1. Drag and drop an Event state onto the workflow canvas.
  2. Select DocuSign from the External Event Type drop-down list.

  1. Click OK.
  2. Add a transition to the Event state. An action suitable for notifying the cloud system will automatically be added to any inbound transitions to the state.

  1. Configure the DocuSign actions to suit the workflow.
  2. Add the document to the Action Documents tab.

  3. (Optional) Add conditional outbound transition(s) based upon the result of the external event. For example, a workflow can proceed to the Finish state only when the external system triggers an “envelope-completed” event.

You can add conditional outbound transition(s) based on the result of the following external events:

External EventDescription
envelope-completedThe envelope has been completed by all the recipients.
envelope-declinedThe envelope has been declined by one of the recipients.
envelope-voidedThe envelope has been voided by the sender or has expired. The void reason indicates whether the envelope was manually voided or expired.
envelope-deletedThis event is sent after an already-sent envelope is deleted within the web application.
envelope-discardSent when an envelope in a created or draft state is deleted within the web application or discarded within the tagging UI.
  1. Save your project.