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An event is an external step in a workflow where SmartIQ collects, then sends the data to an external system to complete a specialized process via Cloud-to-Cloud Integration (C2I).

When a workflow lands on an event state, the request is sent to the cloud system by an action on the inbound transition. Usually, the action will be creating some sort of work item or ticket for which the system is responsible for processing. For example, the DocuSign Create Envelope action.

After the external process finishes, the cloud system notifies SmartIQ for the workflow to continue. Continuing the workflow may mean closing off the workflow or triggering more states and approvals. The outcome of the request, whether approved, denied, finished, or deleted, controls how/if the workflow moves forward.

For more information, refer to the following Events:

In Flight Behavior

Because External states are external cloud systems, they are not assigned specifically to any SmartIQ user or group and will not appear in lists or dialogs for “workflows assigned to me”. The progress can be checked in Form Activity or by workflow administrators in Manage > Workflow.