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How to reference a question in the previous row of a repeater

In some situations with repeating sections/pages, it may be useful to create a reference within the section/page that references with a previous row. For example, if you wish to include a running total.

A previous row reference is exactly like any other question reference, simply add “Previous.” in front of the reference and SmartIQ will resolve the reference for the previous row only. For example, if you want to reference question 1 (q1): [Previous.q1]


An example below using Text Field Question with date data type. The SmartIQ project is designed for a project team member to plan their activities for a phase in a project and organize the activities in the order of date.

Previous row reference can be used in the form to guide the team member organizing activities, by having the starting date of the new activity or a new group of activities making reference to the previous starting date, the users can easily keep the list of activities in an ascending order.


In this case, the first activity has a starting date of 8/1/2016, user added as many rows as needed. The starting dates are the same for all the rows because the starting date of a row is referencing the previous row.'


When the user assigned starting date to next activity or next group of activities to 13/1/2016, the starting date of the subsequent rows became 13/1/2016. The previous row reference keeping the subsequent activities in order of date.