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Installing a custom Produce theme


Deployment Feature Availability

Deploying multiple skins to an instance available in on-premise and private instance cloud deployments only. Deploying a single skin to a multi-tenant instance is available by request. However not all instances are compatible. This is not available on CoLo.


Interface Feature Availability

Available in web interface Produce only.

Install the Theme Files

A theme is comprised of a .SKIN file and a .CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) file, e.g. my_theme.skin and my_theme.css.

  1. In the Produce directory (usually C:\inetpub\wwwroot<>\Produce) on the web server, locate the "App_Themes" folder or create one if it does not exist.

  2. Create a folder for the theme files within the β€œApp_Themes” folder (e.g. My_Theme.)

  3. Copy the .skin and .css files to the theme’s folder.

Configure a v10+ Installation

If you are using version 10 or higher, you are required to insert the "Theme": line of code into your Produce/appsettings.json file as part of the AppSettings as shown below.

    "AppSettings": {
    "Theme": "Theme_Name"
  "Authentication": {
    "Settings": {
        "CookiePrefix": "Authentication_Method",
      "Timeout": "30"

Configure an installation version prior to v10+

If you are using a version prior to v10, follow these steps:

  1. Go back to the Produce folder and open Web.config for editing (Do not open App_Themes Web.config) and locate the tag. (e.g. )

  2. Add a theme property to the pages tag, the properties value should match the name of the folder created in step 2. (e.g. ). (Do not add the file path to the folder name)

  3. Save the Web.config file and test the theme installation.