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Scheduler Configuration

Ensure your database connection string and smtp mail setting is correct before installing the Scheduler by opening the Scheduler's appSettings.json file. Both settings are objects which are a member of the root object in the file.

When installing Extensions, the Extensions object requires the same entries as the Produce appSettings.json. Also ensure any Extension Dlls being deployed to Produce are also copied to the IntelledoxScheduler directory.

Set the DefaultConnection string property to the SmartIQ Database within the ConnectionStrings object:

"ConnectionStrings": {
    "DefaultConnection": "Persist Security Info=False;Initial Catalog=SmartIQDB;Data Source=host.smartcommunications.internal;User Id=smartiq_user;Password=N1c3oneBr0!"

Set the smtp mail setting to an appropriate server you control:

Example for a network based SMTP service:

"Smtp": {
    "DeliveryMethod": "Network",
    "Host": ""

Example for a local server pickup directory:

"Smtp": {
    "DeliveryMethod": "SpecifiedPickupDirectory",
    "PickupDirectoryLocation": "c:\\temp\\mails"

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Now the scheduler is configured, next is to install it as a Windows Service or run it within a console window