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Interaction Log

The Interaction Log captures every key stroke and click made by the user during a form. This comprehensive data can be used to extract information often including (but not limited to).

  • If users successfully complete or drop off part way through a form
  • The point during a form at which users a dropping off
  • How long it takes users to complete questions, pages or the entire form.
  • The path a user takes through a form, for example do they take a logical forward path or do they go back and forwards to change or review answers.
  • If users save and resume the form at a later date


Analytics Module

Only available in environments with the analytics module license

Records are added to the interaction log in batch asynchronously as the user makes their way through the form each containing the following fields

Log_GuidAn identifier that groups interactions from the moment a user open's a form.
A new log_guid is generated each time a user opens a form including when they return to an in progress save and between workflow steps.
ControlIDAn identifier for the control that is being selected or manipulated.btnNextTop, fName_q2.2, btnSubmit, goToHome
FocusTimeUTCThe moment the user started the interaction.2020-01-01 02:05:25.000
BlurTimeUTCThe moment the user finished the interaction. For controls such as buttons this will be the same as the focus time, whereas controls like text boxes this will be the moment the user left the control2020-01-01 02:05:25.000
EventTypeThe type of event that occurred using the specified control.pageOpen, dataGridSort LastUpdatedUtc, next
Page TitleThe Page the control resides on.

As the interaction log is a capture of everything, records from are usually filtered to answer a specific question/populate a graph. Some inbuilt queries are provided to answer generic questions like drop-offs or average time spent on each page. See this article's sub articles for the specific queries available.

All possible events are listed in the table below, where a control can do multiple things an event type is used to describe the specific event.

EventTypeDescriptionControl/Occurs When
createNewOpen a new formForm Open
openAssignedOpen an assigned task for the first timeForm Open
resumeSavedresume an in progress itemForm Open
questionHelpClicked question help iconAll Question Types
tabSelectAccordionAn accordion was selectedAll Question Types
buttonToggleChanged a toggle buttons position to on/offMultiple Choice Question
questionOpenCommentClicked open comments iconAll Question Types
contentTxtSearchClicked into the search box of a content library text boxContent Libray/File Upload
contentBtnSearchClicked the content library search buttonContent Libray/File Upload
contentOpenOpened a content library itemContent Libray/File Upload
tabSelectSelect a tabProduce
contentOpenDoucmentOpened a content library documentContent Libray/File Upload
contentPreviewPreviewed a content library itemContent Libray/File Upload
contentOpenDocumentOpened a content library docuemntContent Libray/File Upload
contentImagePreviewHoverHover the preivew of an imageContent Libray/File Upload
contentClearClear uploade filesContent Libray/File Upload
fetchDataClicked the data search text box (usually after entering a filter)Data Source
dataGridSortSorted a data grid column, includes the column name that was sortedData Source
dataGridSearchentered the data grid search text boxData Source
popupOpenOpened a data Source pop up. Usually containing a table of data that required the whole screen.Data Source
inkUploadUpload an image to an Ink question.Ink
inkClearClear the drawn content entirely within an ink questionInk
inkEraserUse the eraser within an ink questionInk
inkZoomIn, inkZoomOutZoom the ink question in or out so it fills the entire screen, for easier editing.Ink
saveClick save buttonProduce
next, backWent back or forwards within a formProduce
submitSubmitted/Approved a form buttonProduce
rejectRejected a form buttonProduce
pageAddUser added a repeating pageProduce
pageDeleteDeleted a repeating pageProduce
pageDuplicateDuplciated a repeating pageProduce
sectionChkRowSelected a repeating section rowProduce
sectionAddAdded a repeating SectionProduce
sectionDeleteDeleted a repeating SectionProduce
sectionDuplicateDuplicated a repeating SectionProduce
sectionMoveRowMove a section rowProduce
sectionModalCloseCloses a section presented in a modalProduce
sectionExport, sectionIMportImport or export a section into or from a CSV file.Produce
displayModalOpens a modalProduce
buttonGoToUrlClick of a go to url buttonProduce
buttonGoToPageClick of a go to page buttonProduce
buttonGoToProjectclick of a go to project buttonProduce
buttonRefreshClick of a refresh buttonProduce
resumeClick the resume buttonProduce
temporaryUserReassignClick the temporary user reassign buttonProduce
saveAnswerFileYes, saveAnswerFileNoUser makes a selection indicated whether to save an answer FileProduce Finish Page
answerFileDescriptionUser typing an answer file destiptionProduce Finish Page
dataClearClearing raw dataAll data questions
dataUploadUploading a raw dataAll data questions
geolocationManually detect your locationGeoloaction
runActionButtonRun Action button clickedRun Action Button