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IQ29.12 Release Notes

Released 24 September 2023

This update has a new theme builder form navigation ui option, SMTP support for OAuth2.0 Client Credentials, and a pagecount output for the SmartComm Action.

Theme Builder - Page Navigation List Spacing Option

A new 'Spacing' option has been added to Theme Builder to increase the vertical spacing of page navigation items in the left hand navigation panel for Produce.

The options are Compact (default), or Open and is available in Categories > Components > Header and Navigation.

SMTP - OAuth2.0 Client Credentials support

When using the OAuth2.0 authentication type with the SMTP, Client Credentials can now be defined and used for the flow. The Client Credentials grant type is used by clients to obtain an access token outside of the context of a user.

Previously OAuth2.0 Resource Owner was supported for SMTP under the name OAuth2.0, this has been renamed to OAuth2.0 Resource Owner to reflect that it is different to OAuth2.0 Client Credentials.

Authentication can be configured in Manage, under 'Settings > SMTP', and changing Authentication Type to OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials.

You will need to generate a new Client Secret for the App under Certificates & Secrets.

Host : smtp.office365.com
Port : 587
Enable TLS : True
Authentication Type : OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials
Client Id : [Application ID]
Client Secret : [Generated Client Secret for App]
Scope : https://outlook.office365.com/.default
Token Url: https://login.microsoftonline.com/[Microsoft Tenant Id]/oauth2/v2.0/token

In Microsoft Entra, register an App with the following API permission, Office 365 Exchange Online -> SMTP.SendAsApp. If the Status doesn't say Granted for [Name], you will need to press the Grant admin consent for [Name].

Follow the Register service principals to add a Service Principal to the Exchange and give it permissions to send emails as an email address in the Microsoft Entra

PageCount Action Output for SmartComm Action

An Output on the Smart COMM Action called Page Count, that returns the amounts of pages if the Action doesn't have a Queue and is not Bulk Documents.