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Project to Project Fragment Conversion

How to convert a project into a fragment

Although converting a project between content and fragment subtypes is not officially supported by SmartIQ the following manual change can be applied.

  1. Export the project you wish to convert to an IXPKG file to a temporary location.
  2. An IXPKG file is actually a zip file with a different extension, change the file’s extension to .zip this will allow it to be opened as a zip archive.
  1. Open the zip archive file and extract its contents to a temporary location.
  2. Navigate to this folder, locate and open the archive’s projects definition file (i.e. the one with a GUID filename) in the root.
  1. Locate the child of the element. It should be towards the start of the file. A content project will have a template TemplateTypeId value of ‘1’. Change the value to 4 for a fragment page or 5 for a fragment section.
    <ContentBookmark />
  1. Save the XML file and create a new zip archive containing these two files. Ensure that you give it the same filename as before. You do not have to change the file extension back to ixpackage.
  2. Re-import the project to test.