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Repeating Sections as a Data Source

Data in repeating sections and pages can be reused in later areas of the project by making it available through a special data source. The data source's columns are the question names available in that section/page and the column values are the values of those questions in each row of the repeat.

On a data source question, there is a fixed item in the data source drop-down list named "Repeating Page/Section".


When this option is selected, the "Table/View" list will display all the repeating sections and pages available in the project up until the current question.

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When a repeat is selected as the table, the available fields are actually the questions that are underneath the repeated item. Data sources, addresses, group/auto logic, custom and variable question types have a column for each one of their answers. User prompt, rich text and numeric only display a single value.

Sorting and data filtering operations are supported.