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Repeating sections/pages: Minimum and maximum rows as a question reference

For 'repeating pages' and 'repeating sections', it is possible to use question references to define what the maximum and a minimum number of sections (entries, records etc.) will be rather than fixed numbers. For example, you can have up to one insurance policy for each vehicle you own.

The following examples show how they are configured.

Repeating pages

The following screen shot uses question references to set maximum and minimum values amount of repeating pages. In the example provided, Page 1 has two user prompts to define the maximum and minimum number of pages:


Repeating sections

In a similar manner, repeating sections can also use question references.




1.Question references that resolve to a value that isn't a number will be treated as if there is no minimum/maximum.

2."Show minimum rows on startup" only works at STARTUP. The repeater will load its rows when it is created (usually when the wizard is launched), so if a min rows question reference is updated it will not create/delete rows from the repeater.