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Deployment Feature Availability

Deploying multiple skins to an instance available in on-premise and private instance cloud deployments only. Deploying a single skin to a multi-tenant instance is available by request. However not all instances are compatible. This is not available on CoLo.


Interface Feature Availability

Available in web interface Produce only.

The following table contains a list of items that can be customized via a theme's skin file:

SkinID (Control Type: label)DescriptionVisible on
PageTitleTitle of browser pages/tabs within SmartIQThroughout
LoginBeforeSkinContent before username/password section when logging inLogin
LoginAfterSkinContent after username/password section when logging inLogin
FinishBeforeSkinText at the top of the page at the completion page of a formForm Finish
ExpiredContentSkinMessage for if content within a generated document has expiredForm Finish
ErrorsOccurredSkinMessage that appears if errors occurred during the generation of a documentForm Finish
FinishAfterSkinText at the bottom of the page at the end of ProduceForm Finish
HeaderLogoSkinLogo for ProduceHome, Wizard
HomePageBottomLeftContent beneath home interface content.Home
WizardHeaderLogoSkinLogo during ProduceForm Wizard
WizardHeaderSkinHeader during ProduceForm Wizard
WizardFooterSkinFooter during ProduceForm Wizard
GenerateDocCustom text for Submit buttonForm Wizard
PortalDefaultBodyHide/Disable Produce Home Page-



Editing the .SKIN file may require a forced reset of the site's Application Pool in order to refresh.

An easy way of forcing the application to update the site is to make a small modification to the appsettings.json file, then undo the modification, then save the file. Once this is done, reload the site in the browser.

Sample theme skin file

Skin files control various elements within the Produce User Interface. The skin file below customizes the Page Title and Generate Document Button.

<asp:label runat="server" SkinId="PageTitle" text="MY TITLE"></asp:label> <asp:button runat="server" SkinId="FinishBeforeSkin" text="THIS IS THE FINISH PAGE"></asp:button>