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Template - CSV

How to use a CSV as a template

To add variables to use as placeholders in SmartIQ add mustache placeholders in the cells where you want data to be populated in.

To prepare your .csv template for SmartIQ using Microsoft Excel.

Add a mustache placeholder in the cells where you want values to be inserted from the SmartIQ form.


Once complete you will need to save the file as a .csv file.

Within Microsoft Excel, go to file save as

Change the save as type to CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) and save to file.


Open your project up in design.

Add a template to the Finish page.

Browse to the .csv file, created above and click ok.


The placeholders will now load from the placeholder tab of your template. You will be able to map these to your questions.


Upon completion of your SmartIQ Form, a CSV file will be produced.

When a CSV file is imported or exported the encoding will be preserved. If the file is encoded as UTF-8 with a byte order mark, this will be preserved and the generated document will be the same format. If your CSV needs to contain language symbols (for example the input language is one that contains accents and graves etc), ensure the uploaded template is encoded as UTF-8, otherwise the symbols will be automatically converted into ISO codes in the generated file.