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Template - Data Model

Data Model Templates are XML files with placeholders within them. They are used to collect data from the form and send the data to SmartCOMM for further processing.



To access Data Model templates, you need to have the SmartCOMM connector licensed. Contact your sales representative if you are interested in obtaining a license for the SmartCOMM action for your SmartIQ instance. For more information, refer to SmartCOMM Action.


  1. In Design, drag the Data Model template type to the Finish page.

  1. Select the SmartCOMM account from the Settings drop-down list if you have multiple SmartCOMM accounts then select the Data Model and Version from the list.

  1. Click OK and the Data Model will be added to the project.

  1. Select the Placeholders icon and add the available placeholders to the relevant answers in your project as needed.

  1. Save your project.