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Template - JSON

How to Use JSON as a Template

JSON documents can be generated from a JSON Schema, where SmartIQ will parse the schema and present placeholders corresponding to the available schema elements.

To prepare your .json template for SmartIQ using Notepad:

  1. Use Notepad to create and save the .json file.

  1. In Design, open your project and add a template to the Finish page.
  2. Browse to the .json file and click OK.

  1. The placeholders will now load from the placeholder tab of your template. You will be able to map these to your questions.

  1. Upon completion of your SmartIQ Form, a JSON file will be produced.

Inserting Multiple Choice Answer Values into a JSON Array

It is possible to populate a JSON array from the answer values of a non-repeated Multiple Choice question. When a JSON array's .text() placeholder is mapped to Multiple Choice answers, the selected answer values are inserted into the array. An example of the setup in Design is shown below:

This allows for values to be inserted directly, without needing to map the question's answers through a repeating section to drive the array insert.



The placeholder's Behaviour must be set to "Insert Answer Value" or "Insert Display Text" to have an effect.