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Temporary Users


Temporary Users are users who are external to the user base, also known as Guest or Anonymous users. They interact with forms on an ad-hoc basis either by saving and resuming an incomplete form or being assigned a specific task within a bigger workflow. A Temporary user must need at least an email address to so that an access codes to progress their assigned forms.

Access Code

Access Code generated through Temporary User Save properties do not expire

Interface Feature Availability

Logging in as a Temporary user available using Produce web interface only.

Temporary users exist only for the lifetime of the form or workflow they have been created for.

Specifically there are three ways a temporary User can be created:

  1. Save and Resume a partially complete form. This generates an access code which is emailed to the temporary user. The temporary user can then resume the form at a later stage by providing received access code .
  2. Assigned a task within a workflow. This sends an email allows with instructions and an access code to the assigned workflow task.
  3. Reassign the in progress form to a temporary user. This allows to reassign an in progress form to temporary user by providing the recipient name and email.


This functionality requires a licensed "Temporary User Save" module, check your licencing page to ensure this has been configured in your environment.

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Temporary Users

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