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Timeout Considerations


The SmartIQ Timeout interval, whereby users are logged out due to inactivity can be configured as per security policy. For many implementations however, timeouts are seen as a hindrance as when a user becomes distracted, being logged out is a bad user experience and they may lose unsaved work. Thus the timeout interval setting can be made long, short, or set to not timeout at all for in progress form (commonly known as ‘allow timeout’ or ‘keep alive’).

Before customizing the default settings you need have two prerequisites determined.

  • Whether you want in progress forms to allow or prevent timeout
  • Regardless of your decision above for the above point a timeout interval is still relevant, as for environments configured to prevent timeout, the interval still applies to areas where you can’t lose work, such as homepages and dashboards.



The default setting for an SmartIQ environment is to prevent timeout during in progress forms with a 30 minute authentication timeout

Configuring the AllowTimeout Setting

The AllowTimeout (Boolean) setting (defaulted to false), can be found in the AppSettings section of the Produce Application’s appSettings.json file. Configure as per the example below, note there might be some settings already there.

  "AppSettings": {
    "AllowTimeout": "True",
    "FeatureAsmx": "False",
    "ShowDatasourceTroubleshootingErrors": "True"
  "Extensions": [
    "Intelledox.Extension.DatasourceBuiltin.OleDbDatasource, Intelledox.Extension.DatasourceBuiltin",
    "Intelledox.Extension.DatasourceBuiltin.SqlServerDatasource, Intelledox.Extension.DatasourceBuiltin",


When the AllowTimeout setting is set to false ‘keepAlive’ requests will be sent from in progress forms indefinitely while the form is open.

Configuring the Authentication Timeout Interval

The Authentication timeout setting, whereby users will be asked to re-authenticate (in minutes defaulted to 30), can be found in the authentication section of the appSettings.json file for the Produce and Manage applications alike.


When a timeout occurs SmartIQ will attempt to resume the user’s session from the last auto save point.

  "Authentication": {
    "Settings": {
      "CookiePrefix": "infiniti",
      "Timeout": "30"


Framework Timeout settings

Framework timeout settings such as sessionstate timeout and application pool recycling can be configured however can lead to performance issues and are not discussed in this article. Please do your own research before customizing these.