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Whilst troubleshooting SmartIQ GO, it's important to make sure that version of SmartIQ GO matches the version of Produce/Manage.

Client side logs are also available on the settings page which can be useful in diagnosing issues. Launch the app in airplane mode to access

Produce not found at this url

Generally this means that the app is having a problem contacting the API. A simple test you can run is to open a REST client (such as Postman) and perform a GET call to /api/v1/Config/AuthMode
It's also possible to navigate to this address with a web browser.
If you're using a mobile phone, it's also a good idea to run this test on the device.
This method returns what authentication method the application should use, if you can't browse here then the server needs to be configured to allow access.

If you can see a return value (such as forms, saml) then it's possible that you're using the incorrect version of SmartIQ GO. Ensure that the application version matches the Produce version.

User is not part of the mobile license group

The user logging into the app must be part of the 'Mobile App Users' group.
In order to add users to this group, you must have mobile app user licenses. You can see how many licenses are available on the license page.

Forms or asset fails to submit

A very large answer file or photo has the potential to be blocked by IIS. This can cause issues with synchronization. The size of an asset is logged on the app which can be checked against the web.config limit in Produce. There are two settings, maxRequestLength of the httpRuntime node (in kilobytes) and requestLimits under requesterFilter (bytes).

<httpRuntime maxRequestLength="102400" ... />
    <requestLimits maxAllowedContentLength="30000000" />

Failed to receive push notification

Check that you have the push notification license added on the licensing page.
Check the management console in Manage for any messages.
Ensure that have either added the correct certificate properties for your platform on the settings page in Manage. If you're using Apple you need to upload a push certificate and a password. Make sure that you're using a Production based certificate. If you're using Android, you need to upload your API key.



A user cannot receive a push notification until they have logged into the app with a device.