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User Answer Files

All answer files created by this user - replicates Produce "Answer Files"


Current User

Data returned by the data object is specific to the logged in user and only accessible by the user who generated the answer file.


Best Practice

Saved answer files are only useful for a user to repopulate the same version of a project when they are completing it a second time. Using saved answer files on projects that have been modified (different questions, new questions, different conditions, etc) can cause unexpected results and may cause the new project to not load.

DisplayNameThe name of the project
FeatureFlagsKeeps track of the features being used in the project as a bit flag sum
None = 0,
WorkflowGeneral = 1,
DataSource = 2,
ContentLibraryExistingItem = 4,
ContentLibrarySearch = 8,
Address = 16,
RichText = 64,
Custom = 128,
Fragments = 512
FolderNameThe name of the publish folder this project is located in
LastLaunchUtcLast execution of this project in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
LogGuidThe ID of the current session of this form in guid form
ProjectGroupGuidThe ID of the published version of this project in guid form (if the project is published in different folders it will have a different ID for each folder/project combination)
ProjectHelpTextHelp text included in "Publish Options" in Manage under Messages option.
Fragment Page
Fragment Portion
UserGuidThe ID in Guid form of the Current User