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User Group Tasks

All in progress forms for this user's group - replicates Produce "Forms Assigned to my Groups"


Current User Data

Data Returned by the data object is specific to the logged in user.

AllowCancellationIndicates if the user has permission to cancel this task
AllowReassignIndicates if the user has permission to reassign this task
AllowUnlockIndicates if the user has permission to unlock this task if it is locked to another user
AnswerFileIDThe ID of any saved in progress Answer File for this user as an integer
AssignedByThe username of the user who assigned this task to the current user.
AssignedByNameThe name of the user who assigned this task to the current user.
AssignedByGroupNameThe name of the group this task was assigned from
AssignedGuidThe ID of the user to whom this task is assigned in guid form
AssignedTypeWhether this task is assigned to a "User" or a "Group"
CommentAny comment entered when a Save In Progress answer file was created.
DateCreatedUtcThe date this task was created in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
DateDueUtcThe date this task is due (if it has a due date) in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
DisplayNameThe name of the current task
HasDueDateWhether the task has a due date or not
InProgressIndicates whether the current task is in progress or complete
IsLockedBySomeoneElseWhether the task is locked by a user who is not the current user
LockedByUserThe ID of the user who has this task locked in guid form (this may be the current user)
LockedByPictureThe profile picture of the user this task is currently locked by
LockedByNameThe name of the user who the task is currently locked by
ProjectGroupGuidThe ID of the published version of this project in guid form(if the project is published in different folders it will have a different ID for each folder/project combination)
ProjectNameThe name of the current project
RunIDA Guid identifier representing then entire workflow start to finish.
StateGuidIf this is a workflow task this is the ID of the current state in guid form
StateNameIf this is a workflow task, this is the name of the current state
TaskListStateIdIf this is a workflow task, this is the ID for the submission of the current step, in guid form
UserGuidThe ID in Guid form of the Current User
(Custom Response Metadata Fields)As configured by SmartIQ administrators.

Mobile apps allow the following operations in dashboards

DeleteTasks for which the user has delete permissions will have a delete option. This option will also be available to current users with answer files in progress.
UnlockGroup tasks which are locked by the current user will have an unlock option on the pull-down.
ClaimGroup tasks which are not claimed by any user can be claimed by clicking on the link for that particular task.


Offline Operations

Unlock and Claim operations can only be used when the mobile app is online. If the app is offline a message will appear to indicate these actions cannot be taken.