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User Validation

Implementing user validation using SmartIQ Forms can be done by sending emails and/or SMS and requiring a code to be entered. This helps to verify the following:

  • The user is the legitimate owner of the email address and/or phone number they provided.
  • The email address or phone number provided is valid and in use.

Making use of these authorization methods serves as an additional security measure to protect against fraudulent activity and helps keep your environment secure as well as prevent nuisance submissions.

Validation works by sending an email and/or SMS to the address or number provided with a unique code included in the message. The user must then enter the code to confirm their email address or phone number and complete the validation process.


Using a Run Action button or a workflow transition to trigger the sending of the email or SMS message is a way to automate the process and make it easy for users to complete. Generate the code using a custom code sequence in Manage, which can be a random number sequence or a predefined one.

The received code can be entered within the form, retrieved from external data source or from the user saved details before the user can continue the form. Additionally, you can use formulas or conditions to validate the entered code, making sure the codes match, the code is not expired, or has been used before.

Sample projects can be found here: