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Video Player

The Video Player question type allows users to embed video content from supported third party video providers.

Designers can now include the Video Player question type in a project, and associate with the video's public link to allow that content to be presented in the form or dashboard.


Drag and drop a File Selection question onto a page, section column or tab and set the question’s properties as below:

PropertyDescription / Examples
Video ProviderThis question supports the Wistia video marketing platform.
Public Link*The public link to the particular video the Designer is embedding. This link is provided by the Video Provider platform and must be publicly accessible. Without this link, there is no content to play.
Player WidthThe width of the embedded player within it's container. E.g at 100% the player will always be the width of it's container, usually a column or page.
Auto StartForces the videos to begin playing once it is loaded for the user. Default is off.
Show Video ControlsEnables video controls for the user to control detailed aspects of the video on screen. Default is on.
LoopForces the video to loop continuously from the beginning once reaching the end. Default is off.

There are many features for tracking and player configuration within the video platform itself. The default settings within the video platform should also be considered when setting these values.

In Design, a low-res thumbnail of the selected video will appear to give an idea of placement and sizing. When rendered in Produce, it will be full available / detected resolution supported by the player, the actual content, and the user's bandwidth.