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Assign Workflow Task to Temporary User

Temporary users can also be used in a workflow transition. Enabling the Temporary User Save allows assigning a workflow task to a temporary user by providing an access code via email.

How to assign workflow task to Temporary User



  • Access Code Generation properties must be configured under Temporary User Save within project properties
  • SMTP must be configured in SmartIQ as the Access Code to save/resume in progress forms will be emailed to Temporary users
  1. Open project properties in Design and configure Temporary User Save properties. (See article "Temporary User In Progress Save" for property description)

  2. Open workflow and select required transition.

  3. Select 'Temporary User' option from drop-down list for "Send To" field. Note that this will default the "Send to Type" field to Question Reference.

  4. Provide question references to the following two fields to assign task to temporary user:

  • Recipient Email
  • Recipient Name

  1. Add [AccessCode] within the Email body. This access code will allow the temporary user to complete the assigned workflow task received through provided email address.

Access Code can also be utilized within a transition action. This allows a user to deliver an access code by a different medium, such as push notification, custom action etc.



Access Code type has to be selected under Project Properties to place in the Email body


Access Codes must be unique

When using the Question Reference option to generate an access code, note that each access code must be unique. If you are self generating an access code use Sequences or some other algorithm that will guarantee a unique value. Forms that contain non-unique access codes will not submit.

The [AutoGenerated] option for Access Codes guarantees a unique code.

Note: take care when generating an access code using a sequence as these may be predictable and therefore not secure.

Reassign Temporary User Workflow task

Forms that involve workflows tasks assigned to temporary users can be recovered by reassigning within Manage.

  1. Open Manage and navigate to the Workflow section.
  2. Select the task and click "Reassign". Enter email address and name which will send an email to the temporary with a new project link and access code.