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Writable Data Objects


Article Scope

This article targets concepts for record maintenance of an established connection to a writable data object, see the Data Connections Category for generic concepts and instructions on how to establish such data connections.


Writable data objects provide two way data access where records can be selected, added, edited or even deleted from a data connection.

There are two core techniques when maintaining records within a writable data object.

  • In the background upon the submission of a workflow transition or the completion of an entire workflow. Usually this technique occurs without the end user knowing a data connection exists at all.
  • During an in progress form where the user indicates they wish to add edit or delete an existing record and a targeted user interface, known as a data modal is displayed to the user.
    The correct technique will depend on the business process. If the form collects the data to create or add or edit a record, the background submission technique is appropriate. Whereas if the record needs to be selecting during a form users will need the ability to add/edit records on an ad-hoc basis. Often the techniques are used in conjunction with each other. For example 'Form A' might create a client record that are available for selection and maintenance in form B. As depicted in the screen shots below.

See the sub-articles for maintaining writable data using the techniques above.