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Sample Code


A number of common API activities are described with code samples at https://knowledgehub.smartcommunications.com/recipes. These demonstrations can be adapted to other endpoints (and/or other code languages) to assist with API integrations.

Postman Sample Collections

'Postman' is a test tool for Restful APIs such as the ones packaged with Intelledox Infiniti. We have provided both a Client API and an Admin API collections that can be imported and by changing the environment variables (URLs to your specific environment) facilitate a quick way of viewing and executing sample requests.

Sample Code

A GitHub repository containing samples in multiple Programming languages can be found below. Samples are under constant improvement as new versions are released and contributions are received from the Infiniti Community.

Other Downloads

The samples above reference Infiniti Forms, these forms are available for download as an .ixpkg file that can be imported into your environment.