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Get Job


This method supports retrieving a specific job in the system.

Status CodeMeaning
1Queued - queued to run at sometime, might be in seconds or days
2Started - submission has started
3Paused - paused so it won't run the next time it is due, but it can be unpaused later if needed
4Cancelled - removed completely before running and cannot be uncancelled
5Completed - successfully completed the final page of the form
6Failed - submission was not successful; applies to final state or a workflow state
7Previewed - preview was clicked
8WorkflowStep - successfully completed submission of a workflow step
9FailedWorkflowValidation - unable to submit the workflow step due to a validation issue eg: workflow state cannot be found on transition, etc
10RunActionButtonFail - attempt to fire a run action button failed
11RunActionButton - attempt to fire a run action button was successful)
12Escalation - escalation ran