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Get transactional license log


This method retrieves the transactional license log. For detailed information regarding transaction types, refer to Transaction Logs.

Transaction Types:

  • Started - projects that are in the intial state of a workflow
  • Abandoned - projects that have exited before the finish state or been specifically deleted by the owner or an admin
  • In Progress - projects that have moved passed the initial state of a workflow but are not yet completed or abandoned
  • Completed - projects that have been submitted and have completed
  • Submitted - projects that have been submitted and the completion is still processing
  • Pending - projects that were generated using the Prepare Form endpoint but have not yet been launched by a user
  • Actions - count of all actions run by projects, sorted by action type
  • Documents - count of all documents created, sorted by extension
  • Escalations - count of all escalations executed
  • Emails - count of all emails sent