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Transaction Logs

The 'Get Transactional License Log' API endpoint generates transaction logs/reports that provide information on the following:

  • License holder information including:
    • Maximum number of transactions
    • License type and expiry date
  • Start and end date for which the report was generated
  • Details of projects with transaction events within the report period, including for each event type:
    • Number of events
    • List of projects associated with the type, including project name, project id, and event count
  • Count of generated documents with the document type (id)
  • Count of escalations and emails

Transaction Log States

Each transaction state returned by the 'Get Transactional License Log' API refers to projects that are in that state at the time the report is generated. If a subsequent report is generated, the number of events may change because tasks have progressed.

These states count projects which are:

  • Started - In the initial state of a workflow.
    • The count increases when a workflow task has been started (opened), but not yet submitted.
    • The count decreases when a workflow task has been submitted.
    • The count remains the same if the task is terminated without being submitted.
  • Abandoned - Exited before the Finish state or have been specifically deleted by the owner or an administrator.
    • The count increases when a transaction is started and then the user exits. This can be for a variety of reasons and can be via Produce or Manage. A project might be abandoned because it is terminated by an escalation, not completed within a timeframe, or because it was deliberately marked as abandoned by a user.
    • Temporary User states that are abandoned are often (but not always) auto-generated states that have not been processed.
  • In Progress - Moved past the initial state of a workflow but not yet completed or abandoned.
    • The count increases when the project enters a workflow state after Start.
    • The count decreases when the task is submitted for completion or abandoned.
    • The count remains the same if the task moves to another workflow state but is not completed.
  • Completed - Submitted and finished.
    • The count increases when the project submission has finished.
    • This applies to both workflow and non-workflow projects.
  • Submitted - Submitted but still being processed
    • This is the state a form enters between the user hitting Submit and the form completing.
    • This count is typically zero or close to zero; higher counts may be seen on a very busy system.
    • These tasks can essentially be considered as completed, but there is always the possibility that the submission might fail and they may not actually complete, hence the different status.
  • Pending - generated using the Prepare Form endpoint but not yet launched by a user.

Other Counts

The report also includes counts of:

  • Actions - All actions run by projects, sorted by action type.
    • This includes actions on Run Action Button questions, completion, and on workflow transitions.
  • Documents - All documents created, grouped by extension.
  • Escalations - All escalations executed.
    • Escalations are triggered by specific workflow states.
    • Only escalations that run are counted. If an escalation does not run because the workflow state has progressed before the scheduled run time, or some other active condition is not met, then that escalation is not counted.
  • Emails - All emails sent by actions and escalations.