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Actions can perform a number of varied processing actions, like sending data and generated documents to third-party systems, to data stores, or to trigger specific events based on business rules. SmartIQ includes several Actions that covers the majority of everyday tasks.

If for any reason the required event is not covered by the Out of the Box Actions, please contact your sales representative.

Add Message to Management ConsoleAllows Solution Designers to add a static or dynamic message to the Management Console.
Adobe Acrobat Sign AgreementSends a document to Adobe Acrobat Sign for an "Agreement" where participants can then sign the documents.
Call SQL Stored ProcedureAllows the designer to call a SQL Server Stored Procedure upon form Submission.
CMIS Save Document
CMIS Update Document
Convert Document to Base64
Copy Project Results to SQL Server
Data Parse Action
Data Store Delete Selected Rows
Display Message
DocuSign Create Embedded Signing URL
DocuSign Create Envelope
DocuSign Setup Connect Auto-trigger
Dynamics Create Connection
Dynamics Create Email Activity
Dynamics Create Entity
Dynamics Create Relationship
Dynamics Execute Transaction
Dynamics Update Entity
File Transfer (FTP/SFTP)
Form Summary
OneSpan Create Package
OneSpan Create Signing Url
OneSPan Download Document
OneSpan Update Package
PDF Stitch
Post to Webhook
Push Notification
Salesforce Create Document
Salesforce Create Record
Salesforce Update Record
Save to AWS S3 Bucket
Save to Azure File Blob
Save to Azure File Share
Save to SharePoint Document Library
Save to SharePoint List
Send Email
Send to REST Service
Send to SOAP Service
Set Project Property
SmartIQ User
Writable Data Object Override


Actions can be attached to the Finish Pageof a form itself, to an Action Button within the form, or can be part of a Workflow. They are only usable in a project with a finish page. Actions within a document are only performed once a document is submitted. Within documents simply add the desired action to the pages panel, it will appear beneath the finish page.


Actions cannot be used in workflow transitions to update project properties.

Action results will appear in the Management console in manage.

General Properties

Properties most actions will have.

Run/Show ActionAlways (will run at all times), Never (will never be executed), On Failure (will only run when a generation error occurs), On Success (will run when no generation errors occur when the form is generated.)
Run/Show AfterSubmit (Run after form submission), Document Generation (after documents are generated), Workflow Assignment (run after workflow has been assigned), Finish (run after everything else)
RepeatingActions set to repeating will repeat that action using the records from the repeat source

Referencing Action Response/s

For actions that contain outputs, these will appear as a expandable set of outputs in the tree view of Design. These can be referenced directly much like any other variable and answer using Reference Tags or selected from the Actions Input menu for an Action in Workflow.

The reference tag for the above HTTP Status output will be [Send to REST Service.HTTP Status]

Nested Actions

Nested actions can reference the output value of the parent action. A nested action can reference that newly created ID and run another action. An action can only be the child of another action if the parent is a repeating action that alredy has a repeat source set-up. In this case the child action will display under the parent action as below.

Communication templates

Actions with inputs like 'subject line' and 'email body' can point to predefined Communication Templates to fill in the email content. This allows templates which are used frequently within a project, or across multiple projects, to be defined once rather than individually at each Action input.

Document Actions

Actions that operate on or use documents as part of their function can have the desired documents selected y going to the Documents tab in the inspector panel and selecting the attached Templates or questions containing documents that you want the action to use.

There are different formats available for the type of document selected. If the format selected is Default/None, the document will be generated in the default format selected in the publish options in Manage. By choosing other formats, the documents are generated accordingly to the selected format, for example, Microsoft Word Docx/Docm.