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The label question simply displays text and images, and does not require a response from the user.


Labels are useful for adding additional information and contextual warnings and messages. To add images the use of custom HTML is required.

Question Properties

Label nameThis is where you give your label a unique name.
Text PositionThe options are: Top Left (None)
Label TextThe actual label value, can contain text, question references, HTML tags and formulas. Text: e.g. My Label HTML Tag: e.g. Formula: e.g. =concat(“Welcome ”, [Q1])
VisibleUncheck this property if the label is not to be shown in Produce, and used as a constant value
CommentsChecking this will allow comments to be added. This is unchecked by default.
StyleThe options are: Alert (error) Alert (info) Alert (success) Alert (warning) Jumbotron Label (default) Label (error) Label (info) Label (primary) Label (success) Label (warning) Well
Find DependenciesClicking this link will open a pop-up window that will show any dependencies that this label has.