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CSV (Comma-Separated Variable) is a plain-text data format consisting of rows of data separated by newlines. Each row may contain one or more "columns" of data separated by a delimiter. The comma (ASCII 44, ,) is conventionally used as a delimiter but another character may be used if the data fields are anticipated to contain commas.

id,name,registration date
1,Bob Smith,2007-05-04
2,Jane Fletcher,2009-02-17
3,Angela Baxter,2012-04-17
4,Michael Cooper,2013-01-21



CSV data connections are renowned for slow performance and suitable for small data sets only. Consider a Custom Table for large data sets.

Connector Set-Up

There is an option in Manage to handle Excel and CSV output that could be interpreted as a formula. It can be updated by visiting Security Settings Escape Excel Formulas

CSV Connection Attributes

Usually a file of data is uploaded coupled with a connection attributes indicating what to expect of the actual data itself. For example whether the first row of data contains the column names or if its the first row of actual data; or rarer cases such as to expect a character other than a comma as the separator.

hdrA "0" or "1" indicating whether the column names from the first row of the CSV file. Note: When this is true, upon save PRODUCTNAME will attempt to populate the fields keyword below:
fieldsNames of the fields in the order they appear in the text file, comma delimited.
widthsColumn-widths if the text file is a fixed width format. Use -1 for a variable width last column.
delimiterThe delimiter character to use, if different from the default comma.
skipheaderrowsIf the text file contains non-data header rows that need to be skipped. State the number of rows to ignore from the top of the CSV file.
skipfooterrowsIf the text file contains non-data footer rows that need to be skipped.
State the number of rows to ignore from the bottom of the CSV file.
ignorequotesA "1" will indicate that quotes in the file are not escape characters for text containing delimiters but part of the actual text themselves eg: GROUP|PS00255|"Find a Flat" Service

example: csv=c:\temp\file.csv;hdr=1

Data Objects

There is only one data object for the CSV connector and that is File type, as in the CSV file itself.