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Offline app

Mobile app for offline form use when offline


Contact your sales representative if you are interested in obtaining a license for the Offline app Module for your SmartIQ environment.

The offline app aka mobile app is for situations where SmartIQ forms are required in an Offline capacity, SmartIQ Offline Apps can be used to sync forms and data to a handheld device, for offline use exclusively.


The Offline app is specifically for use offline so has limited capability

It is recommended if you intend to use forms on mobile, but plan to always be online, that you simply use the mobile browser instead of the offline app.

Forms designed to be used In the Offline app, for offline use, should be explicitly designed for the offline app and its functionality, as it has limited capability compared to the browser implementation of produce.

Images, data sets and other large cached data are far more limited than the web implementation where the server processes the data, as phone cache has a much more limited capacity.

SmartIQ Offline Apps can be installed on Windows, iOS and Android to handle offline functionality. After an initial synchronisation, to get both formss and data objects, these devices can be used to capture, validate and store data on the local device pending future re-synchronisation with the target instance to trigger document generation or Actions.

Not all features are available on the devices (such as Custom Questions) and it's important to design your form with the target device in mind.

It's also important to understand that operations such as workflow, actions and document generation are not available in offline mode. When a user completes a form whilst offline, SmartIQ encrypts their answers and saves them to disc. When the app is next online, SmartIQ synchronizes with the server where workflow/actions/generation will occur.

In addition, the display of some question elements in forms on the Offline Apps may not be identical to SmartIQ in a browser. The upload question is one example of a different display, and there are others.



The features will be as close to the web application as possible, however, sometimes the conventions of the app platform will be followed. For example: In the tool a drop-down menu will take you to edit or delete options, but in mobile you will see an edit pencil and an “X” instead. We call these differences out when possible, but if you are familiar with your mobile platform this should be clear.

Supported OS

  • Windows 10 - version 1803
  • iOS 12+
  • Android 8+

SmartIQ Android apk file can be made available separately for testing purposes and is not part of standard SmartIQ setup. However, resigning the app is required per client.

If you are using a mobile app and receive the following error “mobile app module license not found”, please check the following:

  • Verify that the version of the SmartIQ Offline App matches the server version.
  • Verify that you are licensed to use the mobile app on this particular server.

If the above two are correct, then ensure that the user that you are logging in with is in the "Mobile app group".

User language and culture can be applied to the mobile app

A user's language and culture (set from user profile in Manage) is applied to the mobile app.



This is only applied once you sync and then re-open the app.

Offline App Feature Support

Core Feature Support

If a project contains unsupported item, ‘N’ indicates it will not appear on the listing of available projects on the device.

FeatureWindows AppiOSAndroid
Addressv9.0v10.2 - Partialv10.2 - Partial
Custom QuestionNNN
Internal project linksv11.1v11.0v11.0
Passing parametersv11.1v11.0v11.0

Minor Feature Support

A project will still appear on the device but might appear differently.

FeatureWindows AppiOSAndroid
Data source search filter fieldv9.0v10.2v10.2
Multiple answer toggle buttonv9.0v10.2v10.2
Rearranging repeat rowsNNN
Data Gridv11.1v10.2v10.2
Run Action Buttonv11.1v10.2v10.2

Dashboard Support

Dashboard projects have limited support on the Offline Apps. The native Produce Homepage on the Offline Apps offers some additional support for saved projects when the user is offline.

FeatureWindows AppiOSAndroid
User Assigned Tasks - Operations Dropdown*v11.1v10.2v10.2
User Group Tasks - Operations Dropdown*v11.1v10.2v10.2
User Assigned and Group Tasks - Operations Dropdown*v11.1v10.2v10.2
System In Progress Tasks - Operations DropdownNNN
User Answer Files - Operations DropdownNNN
User Documents - Operations DropdownNNN
User Form Activity - Operations DropdownNNN
User Available Forms - Operations DropdownNNN
User Assigned Tasks - Saved Tasks Links (online mode)v11.1v10.2v10.2
User Assigned Tasks - Saved Tasks Links (offline mode)**NNN

Note *: Reassign is not supported in the Operations Dropdown on the Offline Apps
Note: **: If you need to use Saved Tasks Links in offline mode, this is supported in the native Produce Homepage.

Workflow-dependent Feature Support

A project which makes use of the Approvals or Draft Editor functionality can be used on the offline apps, but feature-specific workflow states will not be synced to devices. The apps can therefore launch such a project, or interact with basic states (sequential or parallel) in the workflow, but cannot view or submit tasks in the Approval or Draft Editor states.



probably will be transformed into warnings

Whilst troubleshooting SmartIQ GO, it's important to make sure that version of SmartIQ GO matches the version of Produce/Manage.

Client side logs are also available on the settings page which can be useful in diagnosing issues. Launch the app in airplane mode to access

Produce not found at this url

Generally this means that the app is having a problem contacting the API. A simple test you can run is to open a REST client (such as Postman) and perform a GET call to /api/v1/Config/AuthMode
It's also possible to navigate to this address with a web browser.
If you're using a mobile phone, it's also a good idea to run this test on the device.
This method returns what authentication method the application should use, if you can't browse here then the server needs to be configured to allow access.

If you can see a return value (such as forms, saml) then it's possible that you're using the incorrect version of SmartIQ GO. Ensure that the application version matches the Produce version.

User is not part of the mobile license group

The user logging into the app must be part of the 'Mobile App Users' group.
In order to add users to this group, you must have mobile app user licenses. You can see how many licenses are available on the license page.

Forms or asset fails to submit

A very large answer file or photo has the potential to be blocked by IIS. This can cause issues with synchronization. The size of an asset is logged on the app which can be checked against the web.config limit in Produce. There are two settings, maxRequestLength of the httpRuntime node (in kilobytes) and requestLimits under requesterFilter (bytes).

<httpRuntime maxRequestLength="102400" ... />
    <requestLimits maxAllowedContentLength="30000000" />

Failed to receive push notification

Check that you have the push notification license added on the licensing page.
Check the management console in Manage for any messages.
Ensure that have either added the correct certificate properties for your platform on the settings page in Manage. If you're using Apple you need to upload a push certificate and a password. Make sure that you're using a Production based certificate. If you're using Android, you need to upload your API key.



A user cannot receive a push notification until they have logged into the app with a device.

Image resolution is very low/too small

By default on a mobile device the maximum width or height of an uploaded photo or image from the device gallery is set to 500 x 500 pixels. This is to prevent extremely slow uploads and/or overloading the device memory.

If you are using the zoom feature and/or need to store a large resolution background image from a mobile device you need to set a suitable set of answer dimensions on the first answer in the question. Increasing the answer dimensions will slow the upload and zoom screen rendering times for the question.