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Workflow Manage

Workflow in manage lists all, and provides administrative control of, in-flight, completed, and terminated workflow tasks. Workflows are made in Workflow Design as part of a main project.

Terminate Workflow task

Terminating the workflow ends it and all remaining stages of the workflow.

Lock/Unlock workflow task

Workflows can be locked to specific users and groups. Locking of a task occurs when a user first accesses the task, and other users from their Group can view the task in a read only capacity while the task is locked.

Workflow administrators can unlock these tasks manually in the workflow manage. Unlocking the task can also be done by the user its locked to, by unlocking the form in produce or by setting the task to unlock on exit in the workflow.

Reassign Workflow task

Reassign of tasks and approvers is available to authorized administrators. Individual tasks that can be reassigned display the Reassign option.


Only Administrators with the Manage Workflow role are able to reassign workflow tasks and approvers

Administrators specify the new user for the reassignment, whether or not to send a notification and optional comments. You can even reassign tasks to Temporary Users.

Selecting the send notification option will automatically email the user the work is reassigned to. This includes temporary users if an email address is provided.

If the workflow task is an approval, a drop down will display with the task’s assignee and the task’s approver. There may be more than one approver, and approvals assigned to groups of users cannot be reassigned.


Reassign States within Parallel Workflows

Reassignment of a task within a parallel workflow affects only the selected task, leaving the other active/completed tasks alone. The parallel section will still complete as normal, once all tasks (including reassigned tasks) have finished.