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Workflow Manage

Reassign by a Workflow Administrator in Manage


Only Administrators with the Manage Workflow role are able to reassign workflow tasks and approvers.

Reassign is available to authorized administrators via the Workflow menu option from the Manage home page. All active workflows appear and individual tasks that can be reassigned display the Reassign option, highlighted below.

You can reassign to Temporary Users

Reassigning an Active Task

Like the end user experience described above, administrators specify the new user for the reassignment, whether or not to send a notification and optional comments.


Reassign Approvals and Approvers

If the workflow task is an approval, a drop down will display on whether to reassign the taskโ€™s assignee or the taskโ€™s approver.

Note that there may be more than one approver and approvals assigned to groups of users cannot be reassigned.


Reassign States within Parallel Workflows

Reassignment of a task within a parallel workflow affects only the selected task, leaving the other active/completed tasks alone. The parallel section will still complete as normal once all tasks (including reassigned tasks) have finished.