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Document Viewer

Document Viewer provides a way to view one or more documents within a SmartIQ form or dashboard that are stored as data and retrieved via a related Data Source question.

The viewer can be presented as a Document List, or it can be presented as an Inline Viewer where a single PDF document can be embedded into the form/dashboard content without being in a pop-up.


Inline viewer only supports PDF currently, though images will be supported soon.

Data source question can be single row or multiple row, and when paired with the Inline Viewer display type there must be a valid (PDF) selected item for it to render the viewer.

How to Use

  1. Create a data source question that includes a binary and filename column (for example, a writable data object that has a file column can be used)
  2. Configure the data source question to sort/filter appropriately. For the inline viewer ensure it is selecting a single item either by value or index.
  3. Create a Document Viewer question and choose:
    • Display Type (Document List or Inline Viewer)
      • View Controls (Document List only)
      • Viewer Width (Inline Viewer only)
    • Document Source (Data source question that will provide the document data)
      • Answer for filename
      • Answer for binary

Inline viewer:

Document List: