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IQ29.9 Release Notes

Released 13 August 2023

This update to SmartIQ is an important one! Some users can try out a new UI layout for Design.
Additionally are a REST Data Connector change, Docusign witness signing, password protected template support and workflow Group assignment functionality.

New Design UI

Some users such as those in the sandpit environment, can toggle to a new UI in Design! The toggle will reload the Design environment.

If you have access to this new UI please let us know what you think using the feedback popup which appears once you click the button again to return to the old UI.

REST Data Connector authentication

Authentication tokens are now cached for up to a day


Witness Signer

The DocuSign Connector now has support for adding Witnesses to your DocuSign Envelopes. The 'Recipient Type' Input has a new value option 'Witness' and a new input 'Witness For' to assign email recipients as a witness.

Password Protected Templates

Password protected template documents can now be uploaded to SmartIQ and the document's password will be retained.

Workflow Group assignment

The Workflow Reassign screens in Manage and Produce have been updated to allow assigning a task to a group. The new Group search behaves similarly to the existing User search.

The following new workflow Group assignment functionality is supported:

  • Reassign a User task to a Group in Produce
  • Reassign a User task to a Group in Manage
  • Reassign a User task to a Group via the API
  • Reassign a Group task to a Group via the API
  • Reassign a Group task to a User via the API


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