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Web Service


Contact your sales representative if you are interested in obtaining a license for the SOAP Connector Module for your SmartIQ environment.

SmartIQ supports Web Services that are written under Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), allowing to query external applications in real time. The Web Service connection type enables the connection to web services which allows users to access the attributes of a function.

Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) defines a standard communication protocol specification for XML-based message exchange. The standard protocol HTTP makes it easier for SOAP model to tunnel across firewalls and proxies without any modifications to the SOAP protocol.

Connector Set-Up

The configuration of SOAP Web Services is very straightforward as the only WSDL is to be specified by uploaded WSDL or in the Connection String pointing to a URL. WDSL information: https://www.ibm.com/docs/en/app-connect/11.0.0?topic=services-what-is-wsdl

Connection URL Overrides

The base URL for the Web Service connection can be defined in both an uploaded WSDL and in the Connection Attributes of the data source. As the WSDL can be exported between environments, the Connection Attributes definition is used as an environment-specific override of the WSDL value.

Data Objects

Web Service has two data objects, Hierarchical Method and Method.