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Adobe Acrobat Sign Configuration


Contact your sales representative if you are interested in obtaining access to the Adobe Acrobat Sign Agreement Module for your SmartIQ environment.

You will also need to have an Adobe Sign Service account configured with an access token/integration key for authentication from SmartIQ to Adobe Acrobat Sign.

Provides the ability to send a generated document (usually pdf) via the Adobe Acrobat Sign Agreement to Adobe Acrobat Sign as a document or "Agreement" wherein participants can then sign the documents from anywhere and on different devices like mobiles or desktops.


️ Adobe Acrobat Access Token Permission

The Adobe Sign Service account access token should have the following permissions:
agreement_read agreement_write and agreement_send

NameName of the Connection setting. If left blank, will use Default.
Base UrlBase Url of the Adobe Acrobat Sign platform, defaulted to https://api.eu2.adobesign.com/api/rest/v6/. Calls made on the wrong access point will return a 403 status code specifying INVALID_API_ACCESS_POINT as the reason. See Adobe Acrobat Sign API Documentation for more information.
Integration KeyValue of the Adobe Acrobat Sign service account integration key.

For multiple accounts click the New Set button. Use Set as Default button to change the default connector set. If the previous Default was set in Design, SmartIQ will now use the new Default connector values.