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Salesforce Connector

The Salesforce Connector exposes a number of connector settings which provide system-wide values to control behavior or context.

  1. Go to Manage > Settings > Salesforce Connector.

  1. Review and update the settings as required. The settings are described in the table below.
User NameThe Salesforce.com username who will have sufficient rights to Query, Create and Update Objects in the chosen Salesforce instance.
PasswordPassword corresponding to the provided username
User Token (Security Token)API User Token supplied by Salesforce which makes the Username given.
Authentication URLThe OAuth2 endpoint which the system will use the provided credentials (username etc.).
Consumer KeyThe OAuth Id Consumer Key for the SmartIQ Application
Consumer SecretCorresponding Consumer Secret for the Consumer Secret
Schema Cache ExpirationData source's schema cache duration in seconds. By default, this is set to 60 seconds.
Debug Mode [true or false]Debug Mode set to true will log each field mapping and tasks being performed by the Actions on execution. The messages will be found in the Manage > Management Log for a given generation/submission.



  • These Connector Settings, apart from "Schema Cache Expiration", only apply to the Actions, they do not apply to the configuration of a Data source.
  • All of the settings are required to be filled for the Connector to operate.
  1. (Optional) For multiple accounts:
    1. Click the New Set button to create additional accounts. For example, Sandbox and Production.
    2. Click the Set as Default button to change the default connector set. If the previous Default was set in Design, SmartIQ will now use the new Default connector values.
  2. Click Save.



To reduce the chance of unexpected downtime, it’s advisable that the Salesforce username being used in the Connector Settings be set to Never Expire.