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Communication Templates

Communication Templates allow the designer to create and modify templates which can be used in place of default system emails, as well as used as the input to some Actions and Workflow Escalations (primarily Send Email).

System Templates

SmartIQ comes with default system templates for commonly used content like password reset that will be emailed to users at the relevant time, or website content like Terms of Service and Disclaimer text. These template contents can be modified and additional languages added, but cannot be deleted or renamed.

System TemplatesDescription
Approval Approve DefaultDefault email notification after a project has been approved.
Approval Comment DefaultDefault email notification that someone has commented on your project.
Approval Comment Reply DefaultDefault email notification that someone else has also commented on a project you are in.
Approval Reject DefaultDefault email notification after a project has been rejected.
Approval Submission DefaultDefault email notification that someone has submitted a project and that it needs your approval.
DisclaimerA disclaimer statement that addresses or denies specific points regarding liability that will be added to the bottom of the login page content area.
Email Approval TemplateEmail notification acknowledging the decision chosen.
Forgot Password - Multiple Users FoundEmail containing a link to reset the password.
Forgot Password - User FoundEmail containing a link to reset the password for a specific user.
Forgot Password - User Not FoundEmail notification for a user not found in the system who is trying to change their password.
Temporary User - RecoveryAn email sent to a temporary user with a code to access the project.
Temporary User - Save In ProgressAn email sent to a temporary user with a code to access the project.
Terms of ServiceProvides details about what a service provider is responsible for. A popup will display during login if the user needs to accept the terms of service. Terms of Service settings can be configured in General Settings
Workflow Mention DefaultDefault email notification when someone mentions you in a comment.
Workflow Observer DefaultDefault email notification sent to an observer with a link to the project they can view and monitor.
Workflow ReassignEmail notification for when a task has been assigned to you.
Workflow Task InaccessibleEmail notification stating that a task is inaccessible.

Custom Templates

Custom templates allow a designer to create a template which can be used with the Send Email action and workflow escalations. There are two types of custom templates, Communication Template (body content only), and Email Template (subject and email body content). Name and subject are both limited to 200 characters.

Custom communication templates are used for form footers and can be set for all projects as a global Defaults Setting, or for individual projects by the Published Projects Message Settings which overrides the default in that instance.


To add images to communication templates, especially ones intended for emails, the image's binary must embedded or a link to the image source provided.

Custom HTML

Communication templates don't allow the use of the class parameter in HTML by default. This is because communication templates are used primarily for emails where the class file would not be present on the recipients email system. Use the style parameter instead.


Both System and Custom templates can have translations added for multiple languages. These will be substituted as appropriate according to the language defined in the user's profile. If the userโ€™s profile language is not defined, SmartIQ will send the email using the default language.

Edit the template you want to add a translation to, select add translation and type out the translated template.


Best Practice

Leave the first email as Default Language. This ensures that if the userโ€™s profile language does not match any of the translations added, they will still receive an email using the default language.

References in Communication Templates

Custom Communication Templates can use Reference Tags and Placeholders. They can access the references/placeholders available from the parent project.


References in System Templates

System communication templates run outside the context of a particular form and hence are unable to reference form values (either answers or Project Properties). Form values can only be referenced in Custom communication templates.


Best Practice

While question references can work, it is recommended that you avoid specific question or answer IDs to allow your communication template to work across different SmartIQ projects.

Cross-environment Sync

The Sync API includes an option to include or exclude Communication Templates from a sync package.