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Product Overview

SmartIQ is an elegant cloud based process improvement system that combines the power of intelligent document generation, smart web forms, and line-of-business integration to deliver significant business value to enterprises and governments worldwide.

SmartIQ creates significant business advantage through the automation of document-centric business processes through easy to use web apps. By leveraging existing investment in document management and information assets, SmartIQ assists organizations to drive down operational costs, deliver increased efficiency, reduce compliance risk, and improve the user experience.

The warnings page is an important repository of things to avoid and should be at least skim-read. Return to it occasionally to check for updates or solidify understanding of the broader limitations.

When done return here to continue learning about the SmartIQ environment.

SmartIQ Environment

SmartIQ has the three following web app modules and a comprehensive API.

SmartIQ administrators with permission to design forms and generate document projects will be provided access to the SmartIQ Design Module from within the SmartIQ Manage Module. Design provides an intuitive drag-and-drop style UI for constructing smart web forms and business workflows for those forms. Design provides a live preview of form projects as they are being built, including live views of any changes made to properties, all without ever leaving your form project.

Manage is the administrator module for SmartIQ , providing authorized administrators with tools to manage and publish forms, users, system configuration, document templates and other content for use by end users. Administrators can also set up resources for use in forms and document generation projects, such as connections to external data sources, and update configuration for the SmartIQ environment.

Produce is the primary web app for end users to access their role relevant forms, dashboards, and other content. It also provides an end-point for accessing the SmartIQ Web Services for automating back-end processes such as document generation.