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Input and Output Questions

Input question

Input questions allow answers and values collected already by the parent form to be passed to fragment or data modal projects when they are later presented in the form. The inputs are often used to populate defaults, drive conditions or act as filter values.


Fragment Input configuration is the same for Data Modal and Fragment project types. Add and configure inputs as needed, they can be configured to have a default value or be contained in a repeating context.

The default value provided for the input questions will provide that value when no external input is mapped to that question.


Fragments and Data Modal projects have inputs whereas only fragments have outputs

Repeater driven fragments

Repeating context inputs allows the repetition of a repeating page or section within the fragment/modal to be driven by a repeating page or section outside the fragment. This is achieved through adding a input to a fragment, enabling the 'Repeating' condition, and using this input as the source for a repeating segment with the 'Data Driven' condition enabled. Within the parent form make sure to link the repeat input to the indented driving repeat the fragment is contained within.

Output question

Output questions are a single result that reference various data sources to transfer them out of the fragment. The Output is available for reference when the fragment is utilized within another project, they can also have placeholders attached to them too.

Answer ValueThe value of an answer within the fragment
Data QuestionThe values of a field from a data question
Repeatdrives external repeat context based on fragment data/repeat contexts
Fragment OutputOutputs from another nested fragment within the parent fragment
Custom propertyOutputs a custom project property

Fragment outputs apply to both Fragment Pages and Fragment Portions. Available outputs can be seen by expanding the fragment’s ‘Outputs’ node at the end of the question set. New outputs are available by right-clicking the Output Node.

Repeater Fragment Outputs

A repeating output can achieve the same result as a repeating section driver in a parent form, flowing out of a fragment into the parent form or another fragment to drive their repeats.

Fragment outputs can be set as repeaters when they are linked to a repeating source such as repeating pages, sections or data sources. Then reference the Fragment Output question in a parent project, to get the repeating output.