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Form Summary

When your form users hit that submit button, you want them to be sure they've provided the right info - maybe you require them to formally declare that the data captured is accurate and complete. The easiest way to do this would be to quickly summarize the information they’ve just provided.

The Form Summary Question can be simply dragged and dropped onto your form in Design to automatically generate a summary of every answer your user has entered. This provides a zero configuration approach to embed a summary, which will automatically adapt as you add more questions to your form design.


Form Summary Module

Only available in environments with a form summary module license.


The Form Summary Question renders the summary within your form.

Features include:

  • Summary question generates form summaries automatically and presents them within the form
  • Summary pages provide links for users to jump back to the form page to make changes
  • Summary templates use bootstrap styles and components to render the summary to be mobile-friendly and responsive
  • Invalid pages are highlighted in the summary
  • Summary action builds the summary as a document available for download on submit.
  • This module also adds an additional right hand property button on some questions called Summary

Customizing the Summary

Summary Settings

The summary question is similar to the validator question in that it only exists to display information. It is not something that needs to be answered in the form. Configuration settings are available on the question to control what type of report it will create.



Label Width

The display width of the left-most column which contains the Question text.

Select Percent or Pixels. The default value is 25 percent if left blank.

Note: This property only changes the wide responsive view of the form. The mobile view remains unchanged as the system will place the Question text above the answer on smaller screens.

Summarize up to this page

Only include pages up to the page the question is on in the report

Collapsible Pages

Display pages in an accordion style tab group

Include Page Links

Make the page title a link that the user can click on to take them back to that page

Include Comments

Display question comments in the summary

Include All Multiple Choice Answers

Don't just display selected answers, include all of them

Exclude Pages

Add specific pages to exclude from the summary

Question Settings

Individual questions can override the settings on a summary question to control how they appear




Override the default include logic for this question.

Possible values are:

  • Visible: Include the current question if it is visible by conditions.
  • Active: Include the current question if it is active by conditions.
  • Include: Force the current question to be included in the summary.
  • Exclude: Force the current question to be excluded from the summary.


Override the question text that is displayed on the summary

Show All

Multiple choice only: can override the Include All Multiple Choice Answers setting for this question

Page Settings

Pages can also override the settings on a summary question




Override the default include logic for this page.
Possible values are:

  • Include: Force the current page to be included in the summary.
  • Exclude: Force the current page to be excluded from the summary.


Override the Collapsible Pages setting for this page. Note that collapsible only applies to the Form Summary Question.

User Interactions

Example summary question usage

  1. The form user completes the standard questions.

  1. The summary page displays with the Form Summary question, showing the user all answers provided ready for submission.

  1. If changes are required, the user can click the 'Change' button for any page to jump back to that page in the form. When they return the summary will be updated.
  2. The summary with collapsible pages.