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Form Summary

The Form Summary Action automatically generates a document based on all answers provided by the user or a JSON file with the form summary configuration.


The JSON output will produce a configuration file which will not include tracked changes.

Like the Form Summary Question, the summary can be created without special configuration. It is also possible to email the summary as an attachment using the Send Email action.


  • Automatically generate a summary document based on form answers, without mapping placeholders
  • Customise the pages included in the summary document
  • Create the summary document as PDF, docx, Html, or Json


Only the first three display fields of a data question will show in the summary document.


Exclude PagesEnter a list of page names to exclude from the summary. Note that the page the custom question is on is automatically excluded, and does not need to be on this list. Separate items with a pipe (|) character e.g. 'page1|page2'.
Include All Multiple Choice AnswersSet to 'true' to show both selected and unselected items for multiple choice questions, highlighting selected items. If set to 'false', only the selected item(s) will be included in the summary.
Include generated timeAdds the time the form was generated at the top part of the form summary output document.
Include tracked changesDisplay question comments in the summary
Include userAdds the user name at the top part of the form summary output document.
Output Format Specify the output format for the generated summary document. If not specified, a PDF document will be generated. The valid options are Pdf, Docx, Html and Json.
Output Filename Specify the filename for the generated summary document. If not specified the project's Default Answer File Name will be used.
Show Password Text Set to 'true' to show the actual characters entered into a Password text field question. By default this is 'false' so that the Password summary is masked.