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Custom Fields

Additional fields can be added to various areas of the platform such as user profile and address fields. These are set in Manage, are then available in Design, and are maintained by the API or the user themselves.


Custom Fields are added by creating a new custom field in Manage, selecting the relevant field type and data type if applicable. Custom field titles are limited to 100 characters.

Custom fields are added to a project using its relevant Placeholder


If a field is added after a workflow task had been added, the field will be empty for existing tasks.

Response Metadata

Response metadata is a feature which allows a designer to store a value from one project to be accessed by another. This should only be used to store small amounts of information. If larger amounts of information need to be stored (ie: more than a couple of fields) - then an ID can be stored and linked to an external database. Examples of the sorts of data that could be stored include the priority of various responses, contract values etc.

Response metadata fields values are limited to 255 characters long and the name is limited to 63 characters.

Once setup, the response metadata fields can be dragged and dropped onto the question set across one or more projects. These fields also support the use of special characters.

The feature should enable a variety of analysis and reporting options by storing useful, indexed data against individual workflow instances and the environment as a whole.


Response metadata is stored unencrypted and should not be used to store sensitive information


A response metadata field can be used only once, used response metadata fields are grayed out.

Response metadata fields values are committed when a project is submitted. For projects with multiple workflow steps, the values are updated upon each submission.

Using Collected Response Metadata

Response Metadata fields can be retrieved by the SmartIQ Data Sources that relate to active workflows

  • System in Progress Tasks
  • User Assigned and Group Tasks
  • User Assigned Tasks
  • User Group Tasks

The SmartIQ data source returns the response metadata as extra columns. In the example below the columns that appear in green are response metadata fields added to the existing project data source fields.

The meta data columns will appear like regular display fields and data fields for Data Questions

Offline Response Metadata

For the SmartIQ offline app metadata submitted in offline projects require synchronizing and re-opening for the metadata to have updated on the server.

User type

The User field type is for setting metadata specific to tendency users. The user field data can be accessed and altered in manage under the relevant User, this data can then also be accessed in design the same as a regular field.